• Available 7 days a week
  • Can be done in the community, in home, or in our facility.
  • Nurture and promote positive relationships.
  • All staff have current security checks.

Supervised visits enable families to promote and nurture positive relationships at the time when family members need one another. 

Due to the sometimes sensitive nature of supervised visits, it is our belief, that by providing a safe and secure setting, we can remove much of the stress and worry that may be associated. Whether it takes place in the community, in home, or in our facility we provide a supportive environment for everyone involved. 

If done in the neutral home setting of our facility, complete with books, games, televisions, and video’s. Children and the visiting parties can utilize a safe, neutral and child-focused setting where visits can take place under the supervision of our fully trained staff.

As we are well aware, you as a client, require flexibility in setting dates and times for visits. We are confident that by offering our services 7 days a week, 12 hours per day, all of your scheduling worries will be put at ease.


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